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"Am I making this up? No, I'm remembering."

Another success of Jakub Matusewicz. We cordially invite you to his latest exhibition entitled „Am I making this up? No, I’m remembering.” The exhibition is organized by CSW Zamek Ujazdowski as part of the {Project Room} 2023/24 series.

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Disappearing as an infection - exhibition

The exhibition presents the results of students’ activities, which were created during workshops carried out over the last two years at the Palace in Morawa, near Strzegom, which is related to the story of the disappearance of a painting by Raphael entitled „Portrait of a Young Man”. This mystery remains unsolved to this day and has become the subject of many studies and investigations. Disappearance has become a broadly understood reference point for us in the works of the participants of these workshops.

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Within Sculpture / REFLEXES III

Since a painting image ceased to be perceived only as a carrier of content existing/functioning within the frame, and began to be treated as an object, new possibilities have opened up for painting itself and more. The image treated in this way began a dialogue with values ​​previously not attributed to it, which influenced not only new content, but also the way it was displayed. Thanks to the experience of art, it has been thrown into the unlimited space of experiencing it in a new, different and also non-painting way, and this makes the image as a problem still a source of inexhaustible potential of universal significance also for other media.

The exhibition is part of the REFLEXES series, the aim of which is to show the studio as an idea that connects the professor and graduates and is not limited by the clause of time and formal affiliation. The studio defined in this way includes artists gathered around assumptions and methods that have shaped their personality over the years and initiated their creative path.

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Disappearing as an infection - part II

This year we are operating again in Lower Silesia in the beautiful Morawa Palace. The second edition of the workshop entitled „Disappearance as an infection” is carried out together with friends from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Vysoká škola výtvarných umění v Bratislava and UTB – Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně, we reflect on the „consequences of disappearing” and „the sense of lack” …

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Studios Reunion in BWA Ostrowiec

The exhibition has been a continuation of a long-standing cooperation and friendship between two groups – Professor Jan Berdyszak’s Studio (UAP Poznań) and Professor Ryszard Winiarski’s Studio (Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw), where the present professors – Marcin Berdyszak and Sławomir Marzec – used to be students and assistants. The present meeting continues the tradition of joint presentations and workshops. This time, in the huge halls of BWA in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, a common space is being created, presenting the works of young artists, representing these two, seemingly different environments. In spite of the differences, they share a common goal – to equip students with the skills, knowledge and sensitivity, as well as the ability to think independently, so necessary for self-definition in the dialogue with the surrounding reality.

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Disappearing as an infection

From 25 to 30 October, accompanied by a wonderful autumn weather, together with groups from Wroclaw and Bratislava, we visited the Palace in Morava in Lower Silesia. An International Scientific Symposium combined with art workshops was held there, laced with an enigmatic sounding title: „Disappearing as an Infection”.

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But why am I asking this?

One of the aims of this publication is an attempt to grasp the phenomenon of the Studio and the didactic formula applied „by it”, which, what is very important, may be present not only in academic or artistic situations. Thus, this book should be treated not so much as a manual for a teacher or an artist, but as a kind of a guidebook, telling about THE NEED TO ASK QUESTIONS and the ways of constructing them. Perhaps, with a bit of luck and training, we will all be able to find the answer to this fundamental question used in the title…

This publication is also a kind of tribute to Professor Jan Berdyszak whose artistic, but first and foremost didactic and purely human attitude shaped, to a large extent, the present „shape” of the Studio. Of course, there is a certain dose of theory here, however, often set in quite a peculiar context, enriched with a considerable dose of memories and reflections resulting from personal experiences of the authors, who, to a greater or lesser extent, refer in their texts also to the figure of Professor Jan.

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From "Solna", through "Garncarska" to "Plac Wielkopolski"...

In spite of the fact that Pracownia is not a place but the people who create it, the space assigned to our meetings has a considerable influence both on the general character of the prepared works and the meanings they evoke, as well as on the quality of conversations and discussions. During several decades of functioning of the Studio, it has managed to change its address several times in order to familiarise new places and oneself with them through its migration. At present our „headquarters” are located in room 08 of building C of Abakanowicz University of the Arts in Poznan, at pl. Wielkopolski 9

The number of attempts, experiments and analyses never translates into the final effect of the work in question. The effort expended in every stage of the project is no guarantee either that the gained experience will lead us to a satisfactory or any result. Acknowledging this fact tends to be difficult, even overpowering, but this only happens when, for a most bizarre reason, all we want is to complete more and more projects, rather than widening our experience…

Tomasz Drewicz PhD

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