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One of the important elements of the Studio’s didactic formula are small catalogs, created at the end of each academic year, in which students have a chance to present in a different way what they have been working on recently. Apart from that, the Studio also publishes larger publications, which usually accompany the projects carried out in various locations – workshops, exhibitions and other activities.

In search of WHAT IS LOST...

Disappearance as an infection

This Publication is a summary of a three-year educational project of the same name, which was implemented by the St. Jadwiga Foundation in Morawa in cooperation with several academic institutions from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. During the project, International Scientific Symposia and artistic workshops were held, focusing on the topic of disappearance and its consequences. The last meeting organized in September 2023 summarized the project, presenting the effects of activities in the form of artistic works created during the first two meetings. This catalog contains photographic documentation created during the project.

How? Why? What for?

But why am I asking this?

This publication is a kind of a tribute to Professor Jan Berdyszak, whose artistic, but most of all didactic and purely human attitude built the present 'shape’ of the Studio. Of course, there is a certain dose of theory here, however, often set in a rather peculiar context, enriched with a considerable dose of memories and reflections resulting from personal experiences of the authors, who, to a greater or lesser extent, refer in their texts also to Professor Jan.

The specific didactic formula which was proposed by Professor Jan, based on a „situational exploratory discussion”, became the main axis of the curriculum which he implemented in his Sculpture Studio. This formula is a very specific mélange of various teaching methods which influence each other and are themselves subject to constant transformation. It is based on the constantly arising QUESTIONS, posed by the instructors and students as well, and resulting both from skillful moderation of the discussion itself and from the infinite potential inherent in the inquisitiveness of the whole group.

One of the aims of this publication is an attempt to grasp the phenomenon of the above-mentioned formula, which, what is very important, may be present not only in academic or artistic situation. This book should therefore be treated not so much as a textbook for a teacher or an artist, but as a kind of a guidebook, talking about the need to ask questions and the ways of constructing them. Perhaps, with a bit of luck and training, we will all be able to find the answer to this fundamental question used in the title of the book.

In search of common ground

GROUND - Interdisciplinary medias, performances, communities

This publication is a summary of an international project entitled „GROUND – Strategies of Culture, Collaborative Methods and Site-Specific practices”, which we carried out between 2010 and 2012 together with partner institutions from Estonia and Finland. These were Taidekoulu MAA (Helsinki, Finland) and MoKS – Mooste KülalisStuudio (Estonia). All three partners hosted twice the plain-air workshops, whose primary goal, apart from the mobility of the students, was the opportunity to exchange experiences in the area of applied didactic methods, resulting from different personal perspectives as well as significant cultural differences.

The presence of foreign students in the studio offers a marvellous opportunity to find out how perceptions and interpretations of the same issues are affected by language and diverse educational experiences. The differences and impossibilities that provide the context of our cooperation become inspiring. The fruit of these efforts will surely not mature instantly.

prof. Marcin Berdyszak

Keeping the pace

Our "Annuals"

Beginning with the year 2009 (as part of the university’s „End of the Year Exhibition”), Our Studio organizes one-day solo shows. These stand-alone presentations are generally accompanied by small, notebook-sized publications that we call „Annuals.” Due to pandemic constraints, in 2020-2021 these have taken the form of video presentations on Our YouTube channel.

Educational Creative Lab

OPWA - All-Poland Platform of Academic Cooperation

In early spring 2015, together with a group of students and tutors from the Academy of Fine Arts from Warsaw, we visited the Center of Polish Sculpture in Oronsko. The topic of the meeting was: „Revitalization, Imitativeness in the Days of Overproduction” and it was the first part of the OPWA project. It was carried out by the Centre for Contemporary Art in cooperation with several Polish art academies and consisted in creating an opportunity for an exchange of experience and joint work on selected issues, also in cooperation with theoreticians and art critics who were present in Orońsko. The project has involved students, graduates and PhD students using various means of expression. The publication is a documentation of the actions taken during the first two meetings of this type. Apart from the aforementioned universities, also the Academies of Fine Arts from Gdańsk and Kraków have participated.

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